Ford Mustang on Carroll Shelby CS-3

NaxcarWheels: Shoes for your ride !

Welcome at NaxcarWheels, the Rims & Tires website of Naxcar,
a family-owned Company with a special love for cars. 

The right set of wheels can really make your car stand out!
We are here to help you with "that match made in heaven" -kind of feeling. 

On this website we offer you:

- Rims: Standard-, Forged- or Custom Designs (we can create the set of your dreams).

- Tires: On-Road, Off-Road, White Walls, Redlines, White-Gold Walls, Semi-Slicks and Military Tires.
Or do you prefer a "Custom-Design Text" on your tires' Sidewall ?
No problem at NaxcarWheels !

Select your category below and let us make your dreams come true with the perfect set to stand out of the crowd !

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