NAXCAR = a 'Car Crazy', 'Car minded' family-business with an extreme passion for all kinds of cars.

This passion is a special family thing that started more than 60 years ago... a whole family of car-crazy-people who enjoy the 'Sunday Cruise' more than a great stack of pancakes (or let's have the pancakes and then take a cruise).

Our great-grandfather is the reason why we all got this 'car virus', when he bought his first American car and started a garage in Antwerp during World War II. (He was one of the first ones over here driving around with an American Car). He passed his car passion on to our grandma, who passed it on to her daughter and grand-kids... 
And now... We are the Car Crazy Family NAXCAR...

N= the mother (Nancy)
A= the son (Aaron)
X= the daughter (Xana)

Inspired by our beloved Motorsport Nascar, it wasn't to difficult to find our Company's name NAXCAR !


Teunestraat 66
3640 Molenbeersel


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